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Men's Leadership Ministries

Point Man Toolbox

Point Man Toolbox

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Designed as a study for individuals and groups for the revised edition of  Point Man: How A Man Can Lead His Family by Steve Farrar, you will find a video for each chapter with Steve's teaching as well as downloadable study guides for the leader and participants!

Sessions include:

  1. Point Man on Patrol
  2. Save the Boys
  3. Real Men Don't
  4. A One-Woman Kind of Man
  5. Anorexic Men and Their Bulimic Cousins
  6. Husband and Wife Teamwork in the Marriage Cockpit
  7. Restoring the Ancient Boundaries of Gender and Marriage
  8. How to Raise Masculine Sons and Feminine Daughters
  9. Save the Girls
  10. Telling Your Kids What You Don't Want to Tell Them
  11. Start Your Own Nation

The Toolbox includes study guides for your group, a leader's guide and powerpoint slides for large groups!

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